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At Least You Tried (video)

Friday, 4. May 2012 11:51

At Least You Tried

Written for February Album Writing Month 2012

With high regard to March of the Penguins

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Thanks, Paige (2012)

Sunday, 4. March 2012 11:33

Written for February Album Writing Month 2012

Thanks, Paige (2012)

one feeling down

two crepuscular girl

three no love

four at least you tried

five yuki no uta (video)

six sick and tired

seven somewhere else than here

eight what an odd thing to say (video)

nine paige

ten natural talent

eleven breathe

twelve tobiorijisatsu

thirteen timeless

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Ode to Pingu

Sunday, 29. January 2012 15:19

Ode to Pingu, a music video tribute

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