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Like Feathers (2013)

Friday, 22. March 2013 17:39

Written for February Album Writing Month 2013

Like Feathers (2013)

one Ushuaia at the end of the world

two I can’t wait

three welcome the pain

four a letter to the dead

five can’t wait to see you again

six copper

seven Saint Charles

eight stolen hearts

nine Choices / 選択肢

ten the dream never came true

eleven snippets

twelve satisfied

thirteen devil’s last dance

fourteen someone you can trust

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Friday, 18. January 2013 16:52


Kingyo (goldfish)

You’ve lost the one you love
What is left of you now?
You’re lost without your love
What is left for you now?
You’re going round and round
There’s nothing left to find
There’s nowhere left to hide
You’ve lost the one you love
What is left of you now?

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Insomniac (improv)

Wednesday, 9. January 2013 16:56

I wrote this improvisational piece back in September and apparently forgot about it. A shame, it seems kind of good.

Twenty two days until February Album Writing Month.

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50/90 2012

Monday, 22. October 2012 17:29

Written for 50/90 2012 (incomplete)

one grow up

two the storm

three starshine

four birthday song

five shadow mirror world

six Penny where’ve you gone?

seven the stars are going out

eight never feel a thing

nine regret

ten alone (all of us)

eleven the dogs are at the gates

twelve this isn’t anything

thirteen strawberry red/ichigo no iro

fourteen Elizabet

fifteen outside

sixteen matryoshka

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At Least You Tried (video)

Friday, 4. May 2012 11:51

At Least You Tried

Written for February Album Writing Month 2012

With high regard to March of the Penguins

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Thanks, Paige (2012)

Sunday, 4. March 2012 11:33

Written for February Album Writing Month 2012

Thanks, Paige (2012)

one feeling down

two crepuscular girl

three no love

four at least you tried

five yuki no uta (video)

six sick and tired

seven somewhere else than here

eight what an odd thing to say (video)

nine paige

ten natural talent

eleven breathe

twelve tobiorijisatsu

thirteen timeless

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February Album Writing Month 2012

Wednesday, 1. February 2012 16:34

February Album Writing Month 2012 is here!   Track my progress at   In March, the completed album will be transferred to this website.

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Ode to Pingu

Sunday, 29. January 2012 15:19

Ode to Pingu, a music video tribute

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Breathless (2011)

Sunday, 29. January 2012 15:08

Written for February Album Writing Month 2011

Breathless (2011)


one tojiru (the close)

two once

three no pianos in cleveland

four in sickness

five dameda

six little thing

seven our lady of perpetual illness

eight never

nine everything

ten alone like you

eleven running in

twelve sweet dreams

thirteen burn you down

fourteen sirens

fifteen left behind

sixteen be somebody

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Shadowgram (2010)

Saturday, 28. January 2012 15:03

Written for February Album Writing Month 2010

Shadowgram (2010)


one and i don’t know

two i’m not supposed to be

three and what if

four speechless

five do you know me?

six forever in our dreams

seven getting older

eight safe in here

nine zero frequency

ten with me

eleven find me

twelve all the kings horses

thirteen don’t forget

fourteen go to sleep

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